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I’ve been going to Pine Dental for the past 16 years. I have always had great experiences. The staff, hygienists and dentists are very friendly and professional. The office/rooms are always clean. I highly recommend this clinic! 

- Diane

My family has been with Pine Dental for over 20 years. My children, partner and I have received excellent dental care service from this clinic. I love the fact that Pine Dental regularly brings in dental specialists. They offer the latest in dental technologies and provide customize treatment for me and for my family and features bright, clean, and beautiful atmosphere which I appreciate very much. 

- Yvonne

I have been going to Pine Dental Clinic for 20+ years. I have consistently received top notch service from my dentist as well as my dental hygienists. I never had to worry about submitting my insurance claims as it was all handled by them and I did not have any issue at anytime.
I would recommend Pine Dental to any residents- both long timers and new comers.

- Sue